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If you are a PayPunch customer looking for support for your Xpress Software time and attendance product, you have landed on the right page.

Midex Software proudly integrates, supports and complements all PayPunch Xpress Software Time and Attendance products.



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    4 Ways Midex Time Control keeps your employee attendance on track

    Compatible Devices

    Keep using your own device. Midex Time Control works seamlessly with your HandPunch, Fingerprint, Facial recognition and Card Readers, to reduce payroll processing time, reclaim stolen hours, manage overtime, and eliminate manual input – and the human error that comes along with it.

    Free Upgrade

    Discover why Midex Time Control Software is the most efficient way to simplify all your time and attendance tracking needs. Upgrade to any one of our cloud-based solutions – and get 6 months free.

    Free Data Migration

    We will transfer up to 1 year of your existing data from PayPunch to Midex Time Control.

    Free Support

    Midex Software offers FREE unlimited support and maintenance on all our solutions - you’ll never experience long, costly downtimes.

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